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2.5MM x 2.5Kg

Part No. WEL25B

Unit Qty. 1

Ctn Qty. 8

Nuweld GP rods are of low Carbon steel with a coating of Titania. The arc is stable and spatter loss is negligible. The slag is fluid and when solidified, is easy to remove. The finished weld is very smooth. The nuweld GP rod gives a very smooth weld, the slag is easy to remove and they are excellent for "touch" welding. Nuweld GP rods are suitable for welding Mild Steel & Galvanised Mild Steel in all positions. They are easy to strike and run well - even on poor power supplies and long extension leads. Nuweld GP electrodes comply with AS1553 Part 1-1983. Corresponding to A.W.S.E 6013, B.B.217, G.BT 42/1.